High School Career Expo
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About Us

We are a non-profit organization to promote Furthering Education & Training for High Schools, Parents and kids and inform parents and kids around the South Africa. NPC Reg No:  2014/090285/08  

"The High School Career Expo” is South Africa’s only national public exhibition that is designed to provide both primary school kids parents looking for the best possible High schools.

Primary and Middle school kids and parents where they can learn more about the public & private high schools including special programs, extracurricular and admissions criteria.  

Our Mission is to help Further Tertiary Education and Training for all walks of live, from home schoolers, to underprivileged schools to schools that are too small and normally visited by tertiary intuition. Its also for people that did not study and then later  in life decide to study. It gives the High Schools a chance to market themselves. 

The Student Expo Prospective students will be able to: •Meet with representatives from a wide-range of universities to determine which school and program best meets their needs •Gain insight and career advice from leading field specialists to better understand the expectations and roles of their contemplated professions •be better equipped to make educated decisions regarding their futures through discussions, presentations and a wealth of information •Meet and share information with other prospective students and parents

School leavers will be able to: •Reduce the stress of the unknown by gaining an in-depth understanding of what university life entails; both in and out of the classroom •Explore the various options for extra-curricular activities provided by the Universities (social clubs, sports clubs and other clubs on offer) •Learn about and secure student loans •Understand transportation options •Secure housing •learn how to manage finances when living away from home • Meet and share information with other school leavers and parents


Our members are very diverse but united by their common interest. Find out who we are in our gallery, and join our team!